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Originally Posted by dtyson View Post
I have a shop on "dTkPublishing" on Facebook. I set up my shop, and when I was finished I went to place a test order and the page it took me to says "sorry this page isn't available". Just want to make sure everything is linked up through Facebook to my paypal account.
Also I cannot niew my store.

Your Ecwid store itself should be up and running. I presume you're using button "Place test order" in your wizard (at Dashboard). The button generates a link to the product page in your store. And for that it takes the Store Front URL from System Settings>General>Store Profile. Right now there's this record: http://denatysonproducts So the product link is formed like
http://denatysonproducts/#!/~/product/id=33476334 which isn't working.

Please let me know a link to your Facebook page where you've installed Ecwid. You can go ahead and make a test purchase right from there. And in order to fix the 'Place test order' button you should simply change the 'Store Front URL' to the link to your Facebook store.

Also I need to know one thing: was "denatysonproducts" put nto 'Store Front URL' automatically upon your completed the store setup in the wizard?

Look forward to hearing from you.
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