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Originally Posted by Zipporah Jones View Post
Hello. The issue I am having is when checking out... when you click on the submit button on the payment details screen a new page pops up from my merchant stating billing information page not available ALTHOUGH the billing screen generates in a new tab where billing info can be input. I am able to complete a transaction. Complete transaction shows in my merchant and with ecwid. I just need to stop the merchant error page from populating. PLEASE HELP!!!

I checked your store and you have a FirstData payment gateway enabled.
The account settings seem correct, so then I navigated to the checkout pages.

I added a product to the cart, went through checkout and filled my billing info.
After that a page opened in the same window, which prompt me to specify my credit card info, see my screenshot:

So the checkout process works fine on my end.
Can you confirm that on you end? If the issue still persists, could you please provide the steps to reproduce this issue and the screenshot of the error page where you see that 'billing information page not available'?

Thank you.
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