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Originally Posted by COLORADO APCO View Post
I have PayPal Website Payment Pro - is your shopping cart compatible with Website Payment Pro. When setting up payments, that is not a payment choice? Any help ASAP would be great.


Our apologies for keeping you waiting.
PayPal provides several solutions that differ in countries. At present Ecwid supports the following PayPal solutions:
PayPal Standard - available to all countries
PayPal Express checkout - available for all coutnries
PayPal PayFlow Link - available for US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and UK
PayPal Payments Advanced - for US only
PayPal Payments Pro Hosted (UK) - UK and France only

Website Payment Pro solution is not yet supported unfortunately. You can use Advanced or PayFlow Link. These methods will be provide similar functionality: checkout and payment will be performed within your store pages, without redirecting customers to PayPal site. Please, refer to our knowledge-base for information on PayPal integrations and setup instructions:
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