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Default PayPal and credit card payments not working

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We were notified by a purchaser today that they were not able to pay by PayPal on our storefront. I tested it out myself and found that both the PayPal and credit card payment options were not working!
When I checked out "Payments" on our control panel I discovered that the "credit card or debit card" payment was disabled so I toggled it on. This created a new (second) radio button on online checkout screen:

Note that this second button did not have the "paypal/MC/Visa/Amex" logos just "MC/Visa/Amex"
Choosing this new button provides a "continue" button at bottom of page and ability to proceed with order. Choosing the "old" button does not.

When I checked out the PayPal option on our control panel, I discovered under the "Advanced settings" that the "enable PayPal checkout on cart page" was toggled off so I toggled on. However this has not corrected the problem and purchasers still cannot pay by paypal. What they get is a blank pop up window.
Please help!
Thank you!