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Question Follow-up re: Wix integration

Originally Posted by Deborah Landon View Post
Love your site! Have to check into more closer when I have time.
Here's the link to my store - I just published it.

If you scroll down to the bottom you can get into the store and website by those links. Wix supports script through widgets that produce iframes. the mini cart on the left sidebar is an embedded mini cart. That's what I'm trying to get to open up. Weird part is I got it working one time (the main product-grid widget for the store was on a different website I am working on. )

Hi Deborah,

Great job on the site! I am also using Wix and integrating Ecwid. I'm curious which method you used to integrate Ecwid into Wix, as your storefont has drag/drop enable while mine doesn't. I don't see an option anywhere to enable that feature.

Also, regarding the navigation down the left side, did you create manual links to each category and assign them to a list, or what method did you use in Wix to create that? Very nice...