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Originally Posted by SR_ View Post
OK here is the basic flow:

1 - customer browses site
2 - customer selects 1 or more products, adds them to their cart and chooses product specific options
3 - customer checks out

As part of this check-out process, i need to capture specific information about the customer (which they need to provide):

For example:

their ABN/ACN/TFN numbers
their ban account & BSB numbers
upload their company logo

etc etc...

this is all completely product independant - hence i cannot set this up as a product option.


Thank you for explaining.

Extra fields like tax numbers, account numbers, etc - in the order comments box, and as an additional field on checkout. These variants are described here
The information will be loaded globally, i.e., product independent and will be attached to the order details.
A feature to manage checkout fields is under consideration, please vote for this idea to get notifications on the feature release:

Logo upload is only possible on product level as product options type 'Upload file':
Alternatively your customers could send you necessary files after they place orders. You can change your order notifications and add instructions to send the logo separately to your email. The email notifications are editable, please check your Ecwid control panel>System Settings>Mail. More details:
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