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Originally Posted by podenbrett View Post
I have an issue.. I have tickets that we sell- one for adults and one for child. People need to pick out the quantity of child tickets and the quantity of adult tickets and it will change on each order.

We have about 20 different tickets/categories with 5-10 products each.. and each product needs to do this, I have not been able to figure it out.

Is this possible? This will be great for our website as well as our facebook page.


In order to make such product variations you can create product options for each product in your control panel. It can be done in different ways:
1. Create an option 'Child ticket' with Yes / No selections and assign a negative price modifier for the 'Yes' selection.
This way the product page will display the option selector and the quantity box, so a customer will be able to choose the ticket type (child or adult), set quantity and click the 'Add to bag' button. After the product is added it to the cart, the button 'Add more' will be disaplyed so a customer will be able to change the type and add more on the same page.

2. Create two options with numeric selections assign a price modifier for each selection:
- 'Number of child tickets',
- 'Number of adult tickets'.

This way a customer will see two dropdowns with ticket quantities so they will be able to add all in once. In this case, the default quantity selector will need to be hidden because two quantity fields may confuse customers. To hide the default quantity box add the following CSS code to your custom CSS theme in Ecwid control panel:
span.ecwid-Invoice-productDescr-qty {
  display: none;
(Note: the code above will hide the default product quantity for all products).

There is, however, a restriction for the second method, which you should take into account if you decide to use it. The inventory tracking will not work for products configured in this way since their quantity selected via option will not be taken into account by Ecwid (an actual item quantity will be always 1 for every purchased product).

The both ways will work for your Facebook storefront as well as for any other ones.
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