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Originally Posted by Todd Downing88317410 View Post
How can we help you?

The customer is not given any shipping options upon checkout. We have 3 set up, local pick up, free, and flat rate for them to choose from.

Please advise

Please provide the link to your storefront
Hi Todd,

This is Wendy from Ecwid team. Thanks a lot for getting in touch with us.

I inspected shipping and pickup settings in your store and found out that you set up shipping methods correctly.

Then I went to your store and added a product to the cart. I didn't see shipping methods on the shopping cart page indeed. This issue is related to payment methods configuration. As a quick solution, I'd recommend you disable PayPal checkout button on the cart page in your Ecwid control panel > Payment page. See my screenshot:

Once you disable this button, your customers will see the default checkout button on the shopping cart page. When they click "Checkout" button, they will see a shipping address form. Once they enter their shipping address, they'll get the list of the available shipping methods.

Now let me describe how PayPal checkout button works:

- your customers add some products to the bag;
- click yellow PayPal checkout button;
- a popup window appears where they should sign in with their PayPal account or create a new one;
- PayPal redirects them back to Ecwid;
- they see the list of available payment methods;
- they review the order, change the shipping method if necessary and press "Place order" button;
- Ecwid sends the request to PayPal in background, PayPal charges the credit card.

That is why you do not see the list of shipping options on the cart page when "PayPal checkout" button is enabled.

Hope this helps.

P.S. I checked your domain and found out that it redirects to the following link: (this is your Ecwid starter site).

In order to link your custom domain to your starter site, we recommend you use the following instruction:

Once you set up the domain as described in the article, your link will open your Ecwid store without any redirects.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask! Thank you.
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