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Originally Posted by deanklear View Post
Is there an example CSV somewhere that shows every available field and option to ecwid? I have skimmed the 64 page pdf and done an export from their demo site, but I'd still like to know the following:

1. What fields are supported?
2. How long can each field be?
3. As long as the delimiter is surrounded by quotes (";" or ",") will there be any problems with HTML for the description fields?

Sorry if this has been answered. I spent half an hour searching xcart and x-cart and didn't seem to find anything but the links to the PDF and the X-CART demo.

1. Yes, there will be no problems with descriptions.
2. All the fields are supported if they exist in Ecwid. For example Ecwid doesn't have category descriptions, thus this field will be ignored. If Ecwid doesn't have any field, it will be just ignored during import.

Why do you want to use X-Cart format instead of the Ecwid`s one? To import product options?
What data do you want to import?
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