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Originally Posted by Emmanuel Genard View Post
Thank for the reply,

So if I understand you, in the CSV file I can add a column for "Author" and other attributes so that when I import it into Ecwid those fields are automatically added?

Thanks again.

At present Ecwid supports import of only two attributes: UPC and Brand, these columns need to be filled in CSV file for import. However, you can specify custom titles UPC and Brand and they will be shown differently in the store front:
in Ecwid control panel -> Catalog -> Product types, section "Global attributes", define any "Name for customers".
Thus you can specify, e.g., "Author" for Brand and ISBN for UPC

In your CSV file you can add columns for product SKU or Name, Brand, UPC. Column Brand will contain corresponding names of the book authors and UPC - ISBN. After the import, the products will display "Author [name]", "ISBN [number]".
Please, refer to this article for directions how to update separate product parameters via import:
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