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Originally Posted by Backnblack Chicks View Post
We installed the Ecwid store just fine-- works great on desktop. But when we try to *share* a product onto a profile or page from the store, the resulting link does not lead the visitor to the store correctly (just to the main FB page).

It seems the problem lies with the link generated, as the mobile versions work fine when accessed directly, even through the FB app:



This is frustrating, because the share both includes a nice thumbnail that is attractive for visitors, as well as leads to a specific product. We have tried renaming the store, but nothing seems to work. Thanks!

iPhone 5 7.1.1
Facebook has certain restrictions that hinder operation of applications when they are accessed from mobile devices (iPhones, iPads and devices that run on Android platform). Namely, links to applications that were not developed by Facebook are not displayed on Facebook Pages and if you try to opening your Facebook page with Ecwid on it you won't see the link to your shop. This restriction applies not just to Ecwid, but to all applications developed for Facebook. That's why the product link you shared on Facebook directs you to the corresponding item in your store if you access it from a desktop computer but doesn't do so if you load it from a mobile device.

Technically, it is impossible to change this behavior unless Facebook removes the above mentioned restrictions. Nevertheless, we understand importance of mobile ecommerce and offer two solutions that you can utilize:

1. Use a simple-store version of your shop. It is a full-featured shop with responsive design which adapts to the size of the screen the site visitor has.
2. Use your own website with Ecwid set up.

Please make sure to enable responsive layout for your Ecwid store in Ecwid control panel -> System Settings -> General -> Migrations.

You can put a link either to the simple store or to web-site page with Ecwid on it to your Facebook page and add a notice to users who view the page from mobiles that they need to follow this very link to buy. You can insert it on the page wall or in "About us" section.
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