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Originally Posted by The Wholeness Store View Post
Makfruit! Whats up, thanks for getting back with me. Again this is not my strong point so bare with me. What needs to be accomplish is we just need to use the processing part of Ecwid rather than the store itself. Is that possible? For instance there is a product here we would like the person to click "add to the cart" and then it adds it to the cart on the site, all processing however will be done by Ecwid. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Thank you for the details.

I am afraid that would be quite a complicated solution to connect two shopping cart solutions so that one takes care of the cart and the other takes care of checkout. It would require a lot of custom programming. Moreover, with this approach, you will need to have two copies of your products in different control panels, which should surely be inconvenient, especially in case of inventory updates.

I would suggest another solution - if you want to keep the existing product page as is and add Ecwid checkout to it, you can add that product to your Ecwid store and use single product widget on that page (i.e. you will only need to put Ecwid's add to bag widget to that page and Ecwid will automatically deal with checkout as well). You can get an add to bag button code for some particular product in Ecwid store under the 'HTML' tab on the product management page. Screenshot:

Hope that will meet your requirements.
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