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Originally Posted by Antea View Post
Anna here, Ecwid team, thank you for the question.

Yes, it is possible to change the appearance of the Single Product widget. You can change it the following ways:

1) use the "Appearance" settings in your Ecwid Control Panel > Catalog > Products > product details page > Embed Product tab:

2) as well as other Ecwid storefront elements, the Single Product widget can be changed with the help of CSS codes. Please, refer to this article for the details on how to change the design of Ecwid elements:

If you have any further questions, we are here to help.
Kind regards,

This embed product code is indeed totally stone age and does not fit well with blogging articles at all!

No float left/right option to wrap the text or other content within the article around product banner.

I use my own inline css within the first DIV tag to float left as seen in below image

However, the width of the banner is also a problem if you can't do your own inline css manually, because you will end up with an ugly white space to one side (if align left) or either side (if align center), due to the thinness and tallness of the banner

I use my own inline css to change width for this reason because Ecwid doesnt offer any aesthetics in this feature at all

If not it looks like this or worse

I am really baffled and surprised how Ecwid can leave this feature so incompatible for inserting into articles, where most blogs will have at least 700 to 800 p;ixel wide content areas

Come on Guys, spice the embed code up a bit with more than just unchangeable width, height and alignment features, because its embarrassing to see such thoughtlessness and lack of vision about how such an embed product code might look inside our blogposts for gosh sake!
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