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Hey everyone.

Does anyone know if there is a plugin or app that allows a single product to group multiple products together in a group?

This is something that should be implemented because I sell alot of "Package" deals with alot of add ons etc, currently I am using the "options" tab to have my customers add "options" but they are really not only selecting options but adding additional products to the order...

when I use the options feature.. sometimes I have up to 10 options and when it prints on our invoice its all packed together without any spacing or line breaks... is there anyway to change this so its easier to see?

or a way to make grouped products like woo commerce?

to see an example of how i am currently doing my packages visit:

here is what it looks like on an invoice:

any help would be appreciated! I am building a new website and my web developer is telling me the only way to do the "packages" is to use woo commerce and I don't want to switch! i love Ecwid.


No one has any input on this topic? Im sure I am not the only one that sells "grouped products" in one sale. Admin? Anyone?

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