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Exclamation Make Shopping Bag invisible when 0.

The cart used to show up as a pop up on my non-store pages. I didn't like the pop up, so after spending a long time with Ecwid agent, we managed to have the cart show up like a regular page, even if the user was on a "Store Policies" page, they could now click the "Shopping Bag" and the cart would load as a normal page.
But NOW ~ the "Shopping Bag" shows up on those non-store pages even when there is 0 (no items) in cart. (It doesn't do that on the store pages). I don't want to have the BAG floating around with "0" when the customer just wants to read a non store page. I DO want the BAG floating around if there is product in the bag.
(Every time I get a problem solved, somehow another is created by solving the previous one.)

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