Thread: How to add DHL?
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Ecwid's table-based shipping doesn't work for DHL because the vast majority of DHL shipments end up being billed by volumetric weight, i.e. the package's dimensions, rather than its weight, which is what ecwid bases its tables on. For this to have any chance of being workable you'd need to add a lookup by package volume (and add dimensions to the catalog items' parameter list).

Zones don't work because DHL charges surcharges for delivery to "remote locations" which are impossible to predict in advance.

Asking your customers to write interfaces between your and the carrier's APIs is like Apple selling you a laptop and touting how great it is, but you have to write your own OS.

In the shipping setup page, ecwid says "Receive shipping costs from the major shipping carrier companies (UPS, USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Australia Post, EMS Russian Post). In my book DHL is a "major shipping company". A heck of a lot more major than EMS Russian Post, anyway.

Ecwid should stop dodging this issue, bite the bullet, and implement DHL carrier-calculated rate integration. We are not programmers, YOU are.