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It’s Daria from Ecwid Customer Care team.

Thanks for your feedback about DHL. I've passed it to our product management team.

Currently, while there is no inbuilt integration with DHL, I can suggest the following workarounds:

1. Custom table shipping method.
This way, you can emulate DHL rates. See how to set it up here: If you ship to many destinations, maybe you could use approximate, average rates. To get more accurate rates here, you should specify them for different destination zones.

2. Develop custom integration.
As I see, DHL has the API, here is the link to the documentation: So, you can integrate it specially for your store. You will also need to use our API, here is the link: Such integration will require advanced programming skills and knowledge. If you need help with it, you can send a request to our Customisation team who do such work on a paid basis, here is the link to the form where you can send a request:

If you get any other questions, feel free to write back. We are glad to help.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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