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Originally Posted by maple_bottoms_sales View Post
not sure what a screenshot will do.. it's in the shipping portion of our site management. there are a few options available, including Australia Post [which happens to be the first option] Canada Post, UPS, Russian Post, etc. Can we simply disable the other shipping methods, since we only ship Canada Post as of date?

sorryIdon't have an Iphone or Ipad to do a quick screenshot.
So, you are looking at your control panel and from what you can read there you try to infer what your customers see in your store front, right?

If so, please, notice that none of the shipping methods provided by Australia Post are enabled in your shop, hence they are not available for your customers. You have all of the Canada Post methods enabled though, and 1 method from UPS. You also have 1 user-defined shipping method enabled.

Only the enabled features are available to your customers. If a method or feature is not enabled, it is not available to customers.

So I was asking for a screenshot of a customer's view showing the Australia Post methods available despite they were not enabled. I was asking for it because I was not able to reproduce such situation in your shop and hoped the screenshot would shed a little light on the issue. If you don't see the Australia Post shipping methods in your storefront, and only can find them in the Ecwid control panel in disabled state - that is quite normal.

Did you happen to see the Australia Post methods in your store front?