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Hi there! I’m sorry for the delayed reply. I’ll be happy to help.

Originally Posted by RW1 View Post
Why can't a customer Sign In? They can Sign Up and then get an email for the email link to confirm their sign up and click then go to the store and they are logged in.
Basically, in Ecwid the Sign In button works as both, the Sign In and the Sign Up buttons because the process of signing up and signing in is the same — a buyer enters their email address and get a unique sign-in link. So the first time customers visit a store, they enter their email address and receive a link to sign up and you can consider it as a sign up process. Each time customers log out, to sign in they need to enter their email address and receive a new link to log in.
Originally Posted by RW1 View Post
But when they Sign Out, the page where it says Sign Up or Sign In. The Sign In does not work! Click it and it does nothing!
As I understand from your screenshot you tried to log in clicking on the “Sign In” text in the breadcrumbs — a line displayed usually at the top of your products catalog and showing where you're in the store, for example, “Store / Sign In” shows that you’re on a sign in page. The actual sign in button is a big pink button “Get Sign-In Link” with a field above it. To log in customers need to enter their email address and click on the “Get Sign-In Link” button. After that they get an email with the link for signing in. When they click the link, they are taken back to the storefront and they are automatically logged in.

By the way, I’ve noticed that the breadcrumbs for the sign in page are hidden now with the help a CSS code added to your store custom theme. If you want to get them back you should remove the part of the code from your CSS theme. To do that, go to your Ecwid Control Panel > Settings > Design > Edit Theme. Find the code below and replace it with the code which I called as “updated”.

Original code:

HTML Code:, div.breadcrumbs {display: none !important;}
Updated code:

HTML Code: {display: none !important;}
Save changes. Now breadcrumbs are visible on all pages.

I hope I was helpful to you. If you have any other questions — feel free to contact me.