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Default X-CART Import

Here's what I used a couple of months ago that worked like a charm for me.

I created the file in a simple text editor "Notepad" and then saved it as a "CSV" file.

In order for you to use the format in this post there is one assumption: You have already populated your catalog with the other basic information - Product Name, Sku, Description, etc.

This post is only for those who need to add "Product Options" to many products.

Below is the format that was used for two of my products:



Some important tips: (1) Each new option (large, x-large, etc.) must be on it's own separate line and the 4 commas must be included before each new option line. (2) Each new product (sku) needs to separated by at least one line. (3) This format makes each product option a dropdown list. You can manually change the option to a radio button inside of the product.

Hopefully this saves others time when trying to create their product catalog.
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