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Originally Posted by Robert Townsend1 View Post
HELP! This is so frustrating! When I try to add items to my shopping cart in the live view they do not show up in there. Also, when the shopping cart icon is opened up the text behind it can be seen as well. Its a mess and making it impossible to position the shopping cart anywhere but at the very bottom of the page. I am not using categories and do not need a search feature on the page.
Hi Robert,

Thank you for contacting us.

I checked your website here:

I see that you added your Ecwid embedded products on that page using iframes:
1st iframe:
2nd iframe:
3rd iframe:

Right now you have a shopping bag widget placed in a separate frame - frame 2. Iframe means "document inside document", meaning the elements in different iframes aren't linked with each other.

So if you use embeddable products in one frame (1st and 3rd one), and insert for ex.the minicart widget into another element - iframe 2, the minicart will function as a separate element, independent to the other embeddable products, thus if you add any product to cart - the minicart widget will not 'know' about it.

That's why when you add an item to the bag, the minicart isn't updated - it's a separate Ecwid widget. When the page is reloaded, the widget gets information on the cart content from the browser local storage hence updated.

So is the best option for your website is to create a single iframe container and place Ecwid integration code into it, as well as the minicart widget. This way you will have full Ecwid storefront and a minicart widget, which will let your customers know how many products there are in the cart.

Thank you.
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