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Default Trying to fix settings to display my 2 categories correctly

I only have 2 categories in my Ecwid store, but even though I am changing "$ecwid_pb_categoriesperrow", "$ecwid_pb_productspercolumn_grid" and "$ecwid_pb_productsperrow_grid" to 2 in the widget code, there is still a blank, 3rd column, which is causing the categories to be displayed off center.

This is a test site I set up, so you can see how it looks:

This is the code I changed:

if (empty($ecwid_pb_categoriesperrow)) {
$ecwid_pb_categoriesperrow = 2;

if (empty($ecwid_pb_productspercolumn_grid)) {
$ecwid_pb_productspercolumn_grid = 2;

if (empty($ecwid_pb_productsperrow_grid)) {
$ecwid_pb_productsperrow_grid = 2;