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Originally Posted by phytocharm View Post
I want the costumer pay for shipping cost calculated by "carrier calculated Shipping" if he is going to pay less than 99.99. when he pays more than that, the shipping should be zero.
The "CUSTOM TABLE " does not work like this. it asks you to put a cost manually for shipping of goods bellow 99.99, that doesn't make sense. I need it to be calculated for orders less than 99.99. is this possible?
thank you for your help in plain English

thank you fro your message.

Basically Ecwid provides the following approaches for setting up shipping:

1. Real-time (or carrier-calculated) shipping rates.
If you want to fully rely on such companies as UPS, USPS, Australia Post, etc. in calculating the shipping rates for your store, this variant would be perfect for you. in the list of available delivery services.

2. Setting up your own shipping rates:
- Fixed Flat Rate
- Custom table: Various variations of your own rates based on customer destination, order subtotal, and items weight.

3. Using individual product shipping freight.

Each shipping method relies on destination zones - the location you ship to.

In fact you are right - there is no way for you to enable carrier calculated shipping method only for orders less than $99.99. You can do it using custom table shipping method - but using this solution you need to put a cost manually for shipping. However there are two solutions that you can use in your case:

1. Enable both carrier calculated and custom table shipping methods. Name custom table shipping method like "Free shipping for orders above $99.99." Your custom table shipping method should be set up like this:

So when you customers proceed to checkout - they will be able to choose some rate from carrier shipping method or free shipping. I am sure all your customers will choose free shipping. Of course this solution is not perfect however you can use it in your case.

2. The other solution is to utilize discount coupons feature that you can set up that way that all the customers who order more than $99.99 in your store are able to apply discount coupon and get free shipping.

So you can place an announcement on your website that will contain discount coupon code and phrase like: "Please apply this discount coupon if you order more than $99.99".

You discount coupon should be set up like this (2 screenshots):

Please note that if customer would like to apply coupon code for orders less than $99.99 - it will be not applied. So it safe and really useful feature for you.

Hope this helps. If any additional questions appear - please feel free to ask. We are very glad to help you!
Sergey G., Ecwid Team
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