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Default Hello everybody


Well, obviously you have been using the plugin for Joomla for a long time, and your SEO was implemented by the old methods of indexation (catalog.php, for example). And then, you updated your Ecwid plugin for Joomla, and the updated one uses the new and more powerful method of indexation called Google AJAX indexing.

These changes, when they were applied, rebooted the indexation on your website and it began anew. Apparently, for some reasons, three of your products remained in the Google’s search base but all the rest started indexing from the very beginning. So, it seems that you should give the not-yet-indexed products some time and they will get indexed alright eventually.

Also you may try checking your website with Google Webmaster tools here:
Try using the “Fetch and render” option (Crawl -> Fetch as Google) and see if the Ecwid pages of your website are shown correctly. If they are, then Google AJAX indexing is doing its thing and everything is fine. If you think they are not shown the way they should be, well, take a screenshot of how Google sees your pages and I’ll think about what might be wrong here.