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Originally Posted by Sol jine View Post
Why my store does not have a home button to go back to?

If I understood you properly, you want to show your store name and logo on the simple version of your store here:

Simple store version is used for the testing purposes mostly. It allows you to test your store functionality even if you don't have any hosting or site yet. Considering the fact that all simple stores are hosted on our side and customer don’t have access to the store source code, it is not possible to add custom elements (like store name, logo, etc.) in it.

Ecwid is more than just store builder - it is designed to work on multiple locations including your website, Facebook page, or blog. Of course, you can use Simple-store link as your main store. However, in order to get all power of Ecwid, we highly recommend to insert Ecwid into your site. So if you have a website, you can install Ecwid to any page and add sore name, logo or custom menu above Ecwid code.

If you don’t have a website you can place your store name or logo to the Simple store in the root category description as described in our knowledge base. Please have a look: (Note that it will be shown only on the home page of your Ecwid store only)

Alternatively, you can add banner/logo as a background image of your store as described here:
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