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Hi there,

It's Alex Flint from Ecwid Customer Care Team. Thanks for your messages.

I'd like to let you know, that currently, we don't provide complicated CSS codes in our forum. We've decided not to do this because CSS codes affect different storefronts and websites in a different way. And applying a custom CSS code to a store without knowing how it affects other codes may not bring the changes you expected to see.

Therefore, if you want us to help you with minor adjustments of your store design, please, list all your preferences in this form — and we will see, how we can help you with the requested changes.

If you need something really unique, we have a Customization Team who are always ready to customize the look of your store any way you want. Therefore, you may consider using their services. Simply share your intentions here — and they will contact you to discuss the details of a custom development.

I have the same issue. The clickable area is much larger than the icon after I downsized it.
I've inspected your website, however, as I can see, the click area is exactly the same as the products counter and the "Edit / Checkout" text.

Can you, please, elaborate a bit, where do you reproduce the issue? We will carefully look into the problem to find its source and fix this out. You can provide us with the details of your problem via email.

Hope I was helpful. If you have any further questions — please, feel free to ask.
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