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Originally Posted by Judith M View Post
I know you want people to upgrade and are offering the ecwid mobile app as a reason for that, but do you really think crippling the normal web interface is the way to do that?

Yesterday I tried to enter tracking numbers via my smartphone, as I sometimes do, and encountered the popover add for upgrading to use the mobile app.

There was no way to dismiss it except to agree to upgrade, and it covered the entire screen. I had to exit from the control panel and make the entries from the desktop. Your add was frustrating and wasted my time and data.

The regular ad for upgrading already takes up half the screen space on android, the popup ad was maddening.

It did not make me want the app, it made me upset at ecwid. Surely you can do better?

Thank you for contacting us!

We understand your situation and I’m sorry you faced the issue. Most likely the message you saw was one of the in-app messages that Ecwid uses to keep the customers informed about different events and updates.

These notifications are meant to suggest an upgrade for better experience, but they should not force the customers to change their plan without an option to close the message. Most likely, there was a technical issue that didn’t let you close the notification and continue your workflow. We are really sorry for this!

We are already working on fixing the pop-up notifications so they are displayed properly on mobiles.

In case you face the non-dismissable notification on mobile again, we would appreciate it if you provided us with screenshots of such a notification.
Thank you very much for your feedback!

If you have any questions, we are always ready to help.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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