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Is there any specific settings or conditions for reproducing these issues? Do you reproduce them yourself?
Would you mind if I place a test order in your store to check this?

Please do...As of right now, the PayPal button isn't working it all.

I've tried browsing your store in Safari and for me, everything works fine. The minicart widget properly displays: . Can you specify how I can reproduce it?

I think I alleviated this problem by selecting the function that brings you right to the cart when you add a new product

Sure. Please refer to this article:

This doesn't work. I get the same error page that I get when I try and checkout via PayPal. I have PayPal Payments Advanced and everything checks out ok in terms of set-up. Here's an example of one of my products...

You certainly can use your Ecwid storefront on multiple sites. That is actually one of the greatest Ecwid's advantages: you can install your storefront to an unlimited number of places (Facebook, your blog or site, a partner's site etc.) simultaneously and manage them all from single control panel - all the stores will be synchronized automatically.

Is there any way to determine which sales come from which site?

As to the storefront URL setting - you can put there one of your storefront URLs. Please refer to this article for the information on that setting:[/QUOTE]