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Originally Posted by Noosta View Post
I would like to set up a showcase gallery, with customer photos, defiantly with different customers in different folders as it were, ie Daves photos to see David's pictures and Johns Photos to show well Johns, not all photos in same. What I can't do is loose the buy now but tens etc. Is this possible? How do I do it and keep the store front with its categories?

Hello Paul,
Thank you for getting in touch!

Well, sure: Ecwid store could be configured like this.
We have an article that describes turning an entire store into showcase with a bit of CSS, but I presume it won't help in the case, as you'd want it to keep functioning as a store (and only add one category with showcase), so we'll need to improve this solution.

The good news is: we have the tools that would allow you to do it.
I can suggest the following approach:

1) You could create new root category ("Showcase"), and products representing albums for each customer: as one product can have a number of gallery images attached, this would allow you to create a product for each customer, and add all the photos to gallery.

2) Then we could apply the CSS that hides all that represents online store, but from certain pages only: this way the rest of your store will keep functioning like a normal online store, but these particular pages (category page representing showcase, and product pages representing albums) won't.

It's easy with category page (as there's just one of it): it'll only need one rule, hiding "Buy now" looking like:
.ecwid-productBrowser-CategoryPage-CATEGORY_ID .ecwid-btn--buyNow {
display: none !important;
CATEGORY_ID in this case should be replaced with the actual ID of this category

The same approach, described in the article, works for product pages, except that a rule should be created for each page (i.e. for each product, that should have some elements hidden):

Hope this helps!