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Originally Posted by Cathy Steiner View Post
I was never able to figure out how to use the Flickr photos. Those links just didn't work. Instead I tried uploading into a Facebook photo album and those worked perfectly.
Hi Cathy,

Thanks for contacting us.

You can use Flickr to upload photos there and then use the URL of the uploaded image to insert it to a product description.

To add an image to product description:
1. Go to Flickr and upload an image there. Copy the URL (the link from the browser address bar) of the uploaded image.
2. Go to Control panel > Catalog > Products and click on the product, for which you want to add an image.
3. In the Description field click on the icon of a picture, see the screenshot
4. In the opened popup insert the URL in the corresponding field '
5. Click Insert and Save.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. We'll be glad to help you.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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