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Originally Posted by Kelly Nguyen View Post

I would like to go ahead and signup for Venture Plan for $15. I'm not sure if I am going to like using ECWid, but if I do I would like to sign up for a year plan for $150 upfront ($12.50 a year). Can I get the venture plan now for 1 month and on Nov. 30 sign up for the 1 year plan for $150? Thank you.

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Hi Kelly,

Thank you for contacting Ecwid Customer Care Team.
We are glad to hear that you consider subscribing to Ecwid Venture plan.

Basically, Ecwid has two types of subscription: monthly and annual.
When you subscribe to the monthly plan for $15, your subscription is updated automatically each month on the fixed date.
The same thing is for annual subscription except that it's renewed annually and the price is discounted ($12.50/monthly instead of $15).

So, in your case you can try monthly Ecwid subscription and switch to annual on the day before the subscription renewal.
You will always be able to do it in your Billing settings:

Please find a full list of features available on the Venture plan here:

I hope that it helps. Please let me know if you have anymore questions. I'll be happy to help you.