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Originally Posted by Daily Systems1 View Post

We would like to customize the checkout process by adding an additional step. We need our customers to fill out a customer agreement form and then be able to return back to the next step in the checkout process.

Here is the flow:
1. Select product and hit checkout.
2. Fill out Customer Agreement Form
3. Fill out payment information
4. Finalize order

Thanks for any help in advance.

-Kimo Yoshida
Hello, Kimo!

As you know Ecwid is quite a simple storebuilder that lets your customers make purchases in your store in a few steps. But unfortunately, it is not possible to add one more step in the checkout process in Ecwid with filling customer agreement form.

However, you can ask your customers to agree with your store’s terms and conditions before they can proceed to the checkout process.

If this feature is enabled the customer will need to check a box agreeing to the terms and conditions of your store before purchasing anything from you.
You can enable it here: Ecwid control panel > System Settings > General > Legal info. Make “Terms and Conditions” checkbox enabled.

You should paste your agreement text in legal info box and save.
Sergey G., Ecwid Team
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