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Default Checkout Calculations

When a customer places an item in the shopping bag, under the "Checkout" button reads the last SHIPPING location entered. This puts into play several wrongs. (not really an issue from one's own computer but look at this issue from a pc located in the lobby of a hotel, or library, etc..)

1. The "shipping shown from" reflects the shipping calculations from last sale processed.
2. If the last checkout went to a zone requiring tax then the current customer placing their order sees tax
3. Reverse that and perhaps the last customer purchase didn't require tax, then no tax would be visible at this time.
4. This "shipping shown from" has a change button below it which gives the shopper the opportunity to alter where the package is being shipped to, in order to calculate the full product costs. If the store owner has their tax rate applied to the shipping location then the values should be updated correctly, however it store owner has the tax rate applied to the billing location then the values calculated here incorrect. (I only learned how this button functioned by doing a help chat session).

My biggest beef with this process is the message that appears at the end of the billing page that states "Store owner has made some shipping, tax or product settings after you had added your products to the cart. Thus, your order has been re-calculated. Please check it before continuing the order. OPEN CART
Read that message carefully, sounds like while I was shopping the store owner was doing something. Could be worded a little better.

I have done some further testing and the program does recalculate for changes made during the checkout process, Personally I DO NOT like the flow, nor do I like the verbiage in the message that pops up. If the window that holds the sale info opened with each step in the checkout the customer would easily be able to see why changes were being made. Or perhaps the window that allows you to change the shipping in the first step of checkout could be modified to reflect accurately the billing and shipping.
Possible changes that could resolve this,

1. Simplest of all would be to alter the message that pops up just before entering payment. Perhaps leave the customization or this message to store owner.
2. Within the change button have fill in fields for billing and shipping so calculations are accurate right away.
3. Have cart totals update on each page as you go thru the checkout process.

Steve Hyatt

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