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The situation with monthly transaction volume isn't an exception. Even if you hit by a limit, your customers will still be able to place orders in your store. No error messages. No restrictions in the storefront or during checkout. However you will need to upgrade to _process_ these orders.
How is monthly turnover calculated for those people who do not sell in US dollars?

The exchange rate can vary drastically across currencies -

For Example today:

Euros - $2,000 is approx 1,500 Euros
GBP - $2,000 is approx 1,200 GBP
AUD - $2,000 is approx 1,900 AUD

£1,200 GBP is equal to about an average daily sale of £38 per day

However if you look back over the last 4 years at the strongest and weakest exchange rates

Strongest: US - GBP was 0.7: $2,000 = £1,400 (average total sales of £45)
Weakest: US-GBP was 0.48: $2,000 dollars = £960 (average total sales of £30)

Also the higher up you go in the pricing plans the more the currency rate fluctuations affect monthly sales:

US-GBP: $20,000 @0.7=£14,000 & @0.48=£9,600

A fluctuation in the exchange rate US-GBP of 0.1 is equal to £2,000 with a turnover cap of $20,000

Also what is "Community Support"?