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It's Anna from Ecwid, thank you for the message!

I'll be glad to help you.

From what I can see, you'd like to hide the Cart widget from the product you've embedded to your website on Wix.
Technically, it is possible to hide the Cart icon using a special CSS code, although as your website is built with Wix, I'd recommend using a more optimal solution to highlight a certain product on your site pages.

Wix websites use iFrames in their structure. This means that all elements added to an iFrame with the help of an integration code function separately and do not "communicate" with other site elements in different iFrames.
As currently you've added the "Buy Now" product widget to your website using the code, this product functions within the element it was placed to, having no connection with the main store page where all your catalog is available.
In other words, the system treats this product as if it's a separate store. This is why the Minicart widget appears in the product area in the first place - it's a way for the customers to finish their order.

Thus, we do not recommend adding Ecwid elements to a Wix-based website using the integration codes.

As a solution here, there's another workaround. If you'd like to highlight one of your store products on your site home page, for example, you can create a product card using the Wix site builder tools.
You can add a product image, title and a custom "Buy Now" button that's powered by Wix.
This button can be linked to the necessary product on your main Ecwid store page.
Here's a list of the articles with the guides that'll help you set it up:

- add elements to a Wix website:
- adding custom buttons to a Wix site:
- how to get a direct link to your Ecwid product page:

If you decide to use this option, the customers will see the custom product's info on your main site page and as they click on the Wix-powered "Buy Now" button, they'll land on the product's page where they will be able to choose the product's options finish their order.

Please, let me know if you have any further questions.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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