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First of all I should say the the zip/postal code is not required for the billing address, but not for shipping address, if you sell internationally. It can be required for real-time shipping costs calculation, and if you remove this field from the shipping address form. Thus we would strongly recommend keeping if in the shipping address form.

The text "Zip/Postal" code can be hidden globally for all the pages only. I.e. even if you hide the field from the billing address page only, there is no way to remove the field name from this very page and leave it in the billing form.

Thus if you plan to sell your goods internationally, and if you plan to use real-time carrier-calculated shipping methods (like UPS, FedEx, USPS) we would recommend keeping the zip code field. It is not mandatory, so your local customers can ignore it.

But if you plan to sell locally and to not plan to use carrier-calculated shipping methods, this field can be hidden. Please let us know if this is how you plan to trade.

To hide "Address line 2" field you need to add the following CSS rule to to the end of your theme (Ecwid control panel -> System Settings -> Design -> CSS Themes):

input.ecwid-AddressForm-address2 {
display: none;
and click "Save (Ctrl+S)".

To hide the text, please please add the following special JavaScript code to the page you have Ecwid integration code on:

ecwidMessages = {
and save the changes.
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