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Default No names?

So in other words, it's not going to say a name of a category, it's going to be the number of the category and the number of the product? We're going to have to figure out the numbers for the categories and the products to be able to figure out what page the analytic code is referring too? How can I view the page within Google analytics without getting the page error? Is there any way to change ecwid to use the actual category and product name in the ecwid URL instead of numbers? That would make it easier in analytics to know which page google is referring too.

Here's what it looks like in analytics, and when I click on the view this page, so I can see what page analytics is referring too.

I get this error.

It tries to open this URL

Is it possible to get analytic to display the page when you click view this page? Would setting up Inline SEO solve these issues?

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