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Default SEO: Creating different html pages for each category

Right now I have 12 categories on my home page. ( From an SEO standpoint, I was wondering: what about creating a home page that does not have the Ecwid script on it ? Instead, create an index page that has links to all 12 categories..... when you click on the link it directs you to a new page that does have the Ecwid script for that category. Here's my logic, this give me 12 additional pages on my website, I get to change meta-tags, title, and description for each page and I think the bot's would interpret this as more content.

If I'm not nuts and this actually makes some sense, the only problem would be the "store" link. I would need to change the script so it takes me to index.htm without inserting the Ecwid script. Can this be done ?

Thanks.... I love this shopping cart!

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