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I have created a "Backorder" category and then disabled it, now I am puting a "backorder" button into the top-right of the product description and linking it directly to the enabled categories that are children of the disabled one.

Problem: I also have used the CSS to hide "breadcrumbs" (so the customer does not find the Backorder category) and also to hide the Subcategory Icons in the Product Browser (so the customer is led to navigate using only the Category Tab widget with cascading Subcategories). Because of this setup, I can not simply link the "Backorder" button directly to the main Subcategory under Backorder (Backorder > Apperal) since if I do - the Product Browser will only show the word "Apperal" which is not clickable.

So, now I figure i will have to link each individual product's "backorder Button" directly to its Mirrored unlimited stock counter-part?

Is there a better way?