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Originally Posted by Justin Killeen View Post

I am having several issues with my Ecwid store...

1) When a customer places an order, instead of directing him/her to a thank you page, it says "our apologies, this page was not found".

2) When a customer goes to share their order with facebook, the same message appears.

3) I have heard from multiple people that the 'bag' pop-up doesn't appear in the browser when a new item is added to the cart. This is for safari users.

4) Is it possible to copy and paste the link of a product? For example, if I'm recommending product A to a consumer, can I email a direct link of that product to him/her?

5) What if I want to have my store on multiple sites? What do I put for the storefront URL?

Sorry for all of this confusion - Any help I get will be greatly appreciated...


Can you please provide your store URL?
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