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Originally Posted by Aircon Off View Post
Hi I have tried everything suggested to remove the word "or"from cart page to no avail!/~/checkoutSA

I have tried this code as suggested but only removes in the Email section: please help:

Code used as suggested was:
div.ecwid-productBrowser-auth { display: none; }
table.ecwid-Checkout-blockTitle button, div.ecwid-Checkout-PasswordBlock {
div.ecwid-Checkout-blockTitle button.gwt-Button{
display: none;

Thank you for your question.
Ecwid allows to change the wording of standard interface elements with help of custom translation script.
You can find the detailed instruction on how to do it here:

It's not possible to remove the "or" word in the above-mentioned CSS-code as this word is not the single element, but the part of the element
table.ecwid-Checkout-blockTitle .gwt-HTML
There are two possible solutions for your case:
1) Use the following custom translation script:
<script type="text/javascript">
  ecwidMessages = { 
    "ShippingDetails.enter_address_or":"Enter shipping address"
The custom translation script should be added to the store page source code before Ecwid widget code. It's not possible to add this script to the Starter Site that you use at the moment, sorry.

2) Hide the whole label with help of CSS. You can do it by adding the following CSS-rule to your custom CSS theme (Ecwid Control Panel > System Settings > Design > CSS themes):
/* hide the label */
html#ecwid_html body#ecwid_body table.ecwid-Checkout-blockTitle .gwt-HTML {
  display: none;

/* moves the shipping address form */
html#ecwid_html body#ecwid_body div.ecwid-AddressForm div.ecwid-form {
  margin-top: 38px;
I hope that it helps. Please let me know if you have anymore questions. I'll be glad to help you.

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