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Originally Posted by Amanda414 View Post
Hi, I'm not sure if this is possible with Wix integration but I thought I'd ask to see if possible. I have searched the forums for an answer and haven't found anything that worked.
If possible, I'd like to change all instances of $0.00 to quote or TBA text. I don't want to hide prices but just change all $0.00 to text instead so as not to confuse customers ordering a quote. I attached some photos below of the instances that 0.00 shows up


I tried hiding prices but that only hid the price in the product description price page and also hid all other prices. I'd like to just hide the 0.00 prices and allow all other prices to show. Is this possible with Wix integration or am I stuck with the $0.00's?

Thanks a lot
Hello Amanda,

This is Rina from Ecwid Customer Care Team. Thanks a lot for getting in touch with us!

It can be achieved with help of a custom solution. You can fill out our Customisation request form here: and our engineers will take a look at your case. As you fill out the form, our Customisation team member will get in touch with you to discuss extra details and a quote.

Hope this helps!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
Rina S
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