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Originally Posted by LDS View Post
I know html customer email notification is an idea submitted with increasing importance but is it possible to at least add a header image in by using the img tag pointing to an image that I can upload to the root directory on my site, for example, if I could put something like this in the email - <p><img src="" alt="vip code" /></p> (I would need to change image just using this as an example).

The plain text emails are killing me at the moment people are thinking they are spam and giving the customers the perception that my site in untrustworthy...

This is a major change that would include 3 big steps:

1) us implementing the mere ability to send out an HTML formatted notification (since they are sent a bit differently compared to sending plain text mail)
2) us implementing a rich editor that would allow you to change the template of the letter
3) you understanding the concept and limitations of HTML templates, which may be more complicated tan using tags in the plain text format.

We are definitely going to make that leap, and if you are with us, please, vote for this idea: - we will know that more people need it, you will get a notification when it is completed and ready for use.