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Question Can the BUY BUTTON be switched out?

My store sells mostly products I deliver myself, but we have a few products that sell on

Is there a way to 'trick out' Ecwid on an occasional product so the buy button is replaced with a linked Amazon button?

I actually figured out ONE way to do it using Javascript to replace the 'out of stock' notification. I then mark that one product as out of stock. But that trick limits me to ONE product, if I want to have a second product linked to Amazon, I'm stuck with the same link as product #1.

Here is my current one-off solution:

What I want to know is, how can I do this to multiple products?

I know I could separate the Amazon products out to independent pages, but I want them commingled in with the rest of my products.

The best solution would be if Ecwid offered a BUY BUTTON (option) kind of like the "Credit Card Processor" option whereby a user can but either through or Paypal… TWO choices.

It would be great if my customers could elect to buy in my cart OR through Amazon… TWO choices.

For now, I'd settle for just replacing the Ecwid BUY button with an Amazon BUY button.

Any solutions?

BTW… if the "ATTRIBUTES" value input boxes would allow HTML, I think I'd have a viable solution. Anyway to add HTML to those Attribute boxes? PLEASE!

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