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Hey guys! My issue has been resolved. I'm posting the resolution in case someone comes by the same issue at a later date.

This order is "Awaiting Payment" because the money has not been transferred to your PayPal account yet.

Pending reason returned by PayPal:
The payment is pending because it was made to an email address that is not yet registered or confirmed.

it appears that the sandbox (test) mode was enabled for my account. ECWID had recently released a new design page for PayPal account settings within Ecwid Control Panel; previously this page had the setting that allowed to switch between the live and sandbox mode; now it doesn't.

My account was registered before the release of design changes, and I had enabled the sandbox (test) mode before. The sandbox mode is a test mode to see how PayPal works. When a transaction is processed with the enabled sandbox mode, no real money is involved.

ECWID had to disabled the sandbox mode in order to start accepting online payments via PayPal.

Hope that helps
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