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Originally Posted by Kitiya Limpiboon View Post

I actually have this sub category which image is very small.

Basically , i already have it there and i like it to be able to be expanded like a full size banner.

The link will lead you directly there, the thing is how can i expand the New Arrival image to become like a whole banner instead of one small image at the corner?

Thanks for the link to the store. I've checked it.

The image with the new arrivals which you see on that page is the thumbnail of the category. It is 400 px long, which is the maximum size for a category thumbnail. Thumbnail sizes are set up in control panel > Settings > Design > Thumbnail Sizes.

To make the big banner, I'd suggest you to add the banner to the category description. Do the following:

1. Go to control panel > Catalog > Categories > click on Catalog / Latest Arrivals' category.
2. Add the banner in the description field, after this sentence: 'Check out the latest updates we have for your every Wednesday!' There you can stretch the image to the needed size.
3. Since you won't need the image for the category then, you can hide it and keep only the category name. To do it, use the following CSS Code:

.ecwid-productBrowser-CategoryPage-21749703 table.ecwid-productBrowser-subcategories-mainTable img {
   display: none; 
Add it to Ecwid control panel > Settings > Design > CSS Themes > your active CSS Theme. Add it at the end of the theme and click "Save" button.

By the way, I've looked at your active CSS Theme and noticed that you added a script there. Please, remove it from your CSS Theme, as scripts are not processed here and they may also break other CSS codes.

As I may guess, you wanted to use this script to rename 'Add to bag' button into 'Add To Cart', right? To do it, you don't need a script actually. You should use the Storefront Label Editor App. It's Free and allows you to change labels in the store, check it here:

If you have any questions left, feel free to write back. We are always glad to help.
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