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Originally Posted by Gabriel Frey View Post
Dear devs, dear ECWID Team

digging around in the forum i found several posts discussing the possiblity to set up a rental or booking option for products in a ECWID store. Although there is a Date Picker, there is no real Inventory Tracking etc., that a true rental software must support.

Eugene pointed out, that this is a very different and complex function and that obviously cant be supported by a ECWID itself. My conclusion: much more realistic would be a third party integration over an App. There were already poping up such opportunities for close competitors (eg. Book That App).

I dont expect to get an buy-and-rent-onlinestore-CMS by tomorrow, our first step is a casual buying-store as ECWID can provide it now. But automating the booking process is a long term goal and a crucial criteria for our decision for a ecommerce solution now. So: Is there something going on at the API-Front in this direction?

Any hint will be highly appreciated. For confidential rumors, dont hesitate to contact me directly by mail. I would also volunteer as a beta tester 8-|
Hello Gabriel,

thank you for contacting us! Currently, none of special apps for booking were implemented yet. And, unfortunately, there is no ETA for it. At the moment you can consider a workaround suggested in this thread:

And here is a corresponding idea in our ideas base: Please vote for this idea to get notified when it's status is changed.

Also, we have a custom development team that makes custom solutions on the paid basis. I can pass your request to them. They'll inspect your website and determine, whether they can handle this. Please, let me know if this suits you. In this case, I will sent your request to them and they will contact you via email.
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