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Originally Posted by The Black White Collection View Post
How can we help you?

Please provide the link to your storefront

We already replied to your request via email. I will post the answer here for those who might be also interested in it.

Basically Ecwid supports only one currency in the online store. You can set the currency in your Ecwid control panel on Settings > General > Formats & Units page. More info here:

There is a field used to convert order totals to dollars if payment gateway or shipping carrier accepts dollars only. You can set it up in your control panel > Settings > General > Formats and units tab:

For example, if you use PayPal Standard and it doesn't accept payments in your currency, Ecwid will be able to convert the order total into dollars and send the request to PayPal.

Hope, this helps! Please, feel free to ask if you need further assistance. Thank you!
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