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Originally Posted by Cynthia Tucker View Post
This problem has returned. I have not even been in the control panel, and it is NOT resolved. As I am paying for services, I do not expect to continue to have this repeat issue. It's time to FIX it and leave it alone. Its in not my cache, as the same thing happens on other computers and my phone. I've paid for my 2nd month, but am not sure I will continue, as this is ridiculous.
Here's a screenshot link from tonight:

Hi Cynthia,

thank you for your screenshot.

It shows a shipping details page with regular Ecwid Continue button, that takes you to the next page - Payment details.

PayPal Express Checkout button was never displayed on Shipping or Billing details pages, I am afraid. The only page it shows on is the Cart page. I have checked the Cart page in your store and it's there:

Can you please clarify, can't you see PayPal Express Checkout button on the Cart page again? Could you please provide a screenshot of the issue? We will investigate it. Thank you!
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