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Originally Posted by Makfruit View Post
The path you set for the script ("/wp-includes/redirect.js") points to this address:

But there is no script file there - try to open that URL, an empty page is returned. You should place the script in a publicly accessible place so that the store page would be able to get it - in this case the script will work.

Don't worry, it's OK now. They are placed outside the script inclusion:
<p><script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="/wp-includes/redirect.js"></script></p>
This way they don't break anything.

So, instead of using the .js file and making a call to it, I just used the regular script code, but I'm using a "raw html" plugin that is stripping out any formatting Wordpress is injecting in there. The redirection now actually works.

So, two questions now.

1. How can I control the speed of the redirection. When I test now, it's instant! Can I slow it down after 3-5 seconds?

2. How I protect my source code or the javascript from prying eyes? I don't want people to be able to just go see my source code, see where they are redirected and just grab the URL and bypass the whole shopping cart.

Thank you

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